Inovation centre of faculty for electrical engineering in Belgrade and company Zof Elektro d.o.o. has been participate in contest for inovations 2008 provided by Ministry of Science and Technological Development. By the decision our project "Integrated system for stenographic record and reproduction." has been aprooved to be partialy financed by Ministry of Science and Technological Development.




Electrolysis contoller provides accurately control of current from 0 to 10A in steps of 100mA. Controller is basicly designed for electrolytic treatement of metal prosthesis in dental technician laboratories.  









Current: 0-10A (DC)
Curetnt step: 0.1A
Maximal output voltage: 35VDC
Maximum process time: 0-100min
Time step: 1s
Control type: Linear approach.
Sound warnings for process end and process near end.

Controller is equped with electrolyth bath, cooper holders, cables... 

Warranty is 1 year for controller while bath, holders are spare parts.